Почему японский дизайн упаковки так популярен?

 Why is Japanese packaging design so popular? Could it be that the Chinese just can't do it? Japan is one of the most packaging-conscious countries in the world, and their packaging design has always been a lea

Анализ будущего рынка упаковочной и полиграфической промышленности в Китае

According to the analysis of the status quo and development prospect of the market size of China's printing industry in 2021 by China Forward-looking Research Institute, the market size of the printing industry will

Обзор упаковочных коробок для COVID-19 и целлюлозно-бумажной промышленности

Overview of COVID-19 packaging boxes and the pulp and paper industry The future of packaging has never appeared so multifaceted, because environmentally conscious consumers continue to inspire creative changes in the

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